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Union Gospel Mission Testimonies


BillBill came from a good family and had done everything right. He had worked all his life, married and raised a family of his own. Yet, after thirty years of marriage his wife divorced him. After this, he found there were three qualified people for each position in his chosen field of traveling X-ray Technician. Because of that, it became harder for Bill to find work, and his last job was in 2009. This caused him to begin using his retirement to live on.

Also during this time Bill’s father passed away (who he was very close to), his sisters committed suicide, and Bill injured his back. He was also running out of money. It seemed everything was against him. He then had to give up his apartment and go between staying in a motel and living on the street. This all became very hard on Bill and it took its toll on him emotionally.

He decided to use his last twenty-nine dollars and go to Ocean Shores. While on the bus he heard some people talking about the Union Gospel Mission and how you could get a bed and meals at no charge. As the bus came into Aberdeen he saw the Mission sign and decided to see what it was about.

Bill checked in on May 8th and has found that he is comfortable here. The pressures of life have been removed as he has a bed, food and friendly people to help him. Bill says since he is no longer just trying to survive things are beginning to come together for him. He will soon be receiving social security benefits, which will enable him to get housing and other help he has needed. Bill would like to thank those who support the Mission and have given him the chance to find his way again.



Paul has a new understanding

Paul showed up at the mission after being released from jail. He had noPaul place to go and could not go anywhere if he wanted to because he had certain restrictions placed on him by the department of corrections.

Growing up Paul’s family had always traveled a lot and school was not a priority. His dad talked of the Bible a lot and strove to share the values it taught with his children.

However; when Paul and his siblings did attend school they were treated badly and put in special education classes of which Paul said they did not learn anything.

When Paul was around thirty-three he was involved in an accident with his dad and they were crushed by a truck. Paul did not go to the hospital until a week later and after the x-rays two different doctors said that there was nothing wrong with him. Six months later he went to a chiropractor who told him that he had three dislocated vertebrae’s.Â
It was during that time that Paul experienced some visions in which God told him that he would be alright and that he would show him what he needed to do.

After getting out of jail, coming to the mission and listening to the Bible studies, Paul said that what he heard confirmed the things that God had spoken to him in his visions.
Speaking of his first month here Paul said; “The people were real and I felt like I belonged.”
He stated; “I joined the program to learn more about God and what he wanted me to do with my life.”

Greg showed up at the Mission thinking: “God must be punishing me.”

GregJust after the first of the year Greg showed up at the mission needing a place to stay, the standard scenario for each person who registers to stay here. The difference with Greg is that he is legally blind. At the age of twenty he was diagnosed with AVM which is an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins in the brain that usually forms before birth. It causes blindness and by the time Greg turned thirty-nine he was declared legally blind. That naturally brought difficulties into his life that he would have to learn to cope with. Of course those difficulties were compounded by the difficult life he grew up in because by the time he was five he had been molested twice. When he turned thirteen, his mother, on the advice of a counselor sent him off to live with his dad. By then Greg had already started drinking to cope with life and he would eventually add drugs to his list of self-medications.

The use of those things simply became his lifestyle. At twenty eight Greg was caught shop lifting and in the process of being apprehended he hit the security person with a beer bottle and ended up doing eight years for assault and robbery.

He was released on parole in 2005 but was homeless so he turned to his previous life style of using drugs and alcohol to cope.

Things seemed to take a turn for the better when he met and married a woman he fell in love with.

However; the alcohol had not let go of him yet and in a drunken blackout he hit his wife’s adult daughter which resulted in a domestic violence charge, Court ordered anger management, and a restraining order, which ended him up at the mission because he could not go home.

Greg showed up at the mission thinking; “God must be punishing me.”

Since coming to the mission Greg has rededicated his life to Jesus and realizes that God was not punishing him and he has learned to count his blessings. He said; “I grew up going to a Pentecostal church and read the Bible, but it wasn’t until I came to the mission that I realized this was where God wanted me so that I would face what I had become and make the changes I needed to make.”

That is exactly what Greg is striving to do with his time here.

He demonstrates a refreshing willingness to help in spite of his inability to see. All of the staff as well as the other guests of the mission have taken a liking to him, helping him as needed. Greg graciously and readily shares how being at the mission has taken care all his basic needs which enables him to focus on getting his act together. He is so thankful to be able to work on his relationship with his wife and other issues instead of worrying about how he will survive.

Some of the other guests invited him to play Yahtzee and in response they kidded him about the possibility of being cheated, to which Greg said; “That’s okay, I am playing by blind faith.”

Truthfully that is how Greg is spending his time at the mission, in faith, not being able to see, but allowing us to help him make the right choices. He is also relying on his faith in God to do what he hasn’t has been able to do, to help him find forgiveness for others so that he no longer allows the blinding anger control him anymore.



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