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Stories of Changed Lives

“The Changes In Lopez”

Pricilliano Lopez first started coming to stay at the mission In October of 2013. He wasUntitled very quiet and withdrawn. He spoke very little English but when he was given a task to do he did it very well once he learned what needed to be done.

Upon learning that he only had a tenth grade education without a diploma or GED, with the help of an interpreter, I explained that he would be required to pursue his GED as well as look for work while staying at the mission. He left and did not come back for some time. When he did I explained that the requirements were still the same and he left again.

He came back again in February of this year and I was able to get him connected with a Spanish speaking Pastor in an attempt to get him going on his GED and whatever else he needed to do with his life. Lopez began attending church with the Pastor and after about two weeks the Pastor called me very excited saying that Lopez had trusted Jesus to be his Savior.

From that time forward the changes in Lopez have been phenomenal. He jumps in almost everywhere to help without being asked and does an incredible job. He loves working with our Kitchen manager. He is not as shy as he used to be and likes joking around with the guys.

The most exciting thing we see is that the Pastor bought Lopez a new leather bound Bible with his name embossed on it and Lopez happily looks for opportunity to read it all the time. He even tries to follow along in Bible Study.


God was with me all along. I just wasn’t paying attention.

Even when he was living on the streets of Aberdeen, Dale wanted to be reunited with his kids. So he scraped together enough money for bus fare and went to visit them in Yakima.

I thought I had a good plan. I was going to get a job, get my own place. Eight months and two jobs later, they were tired of me.

Homeless again and still drinking, Dale got picked up during a sweep of Yakima’s homeless and ended up back in Aberdeen because of a probation violation.

I stayed with friends after I got out of jail, then I ended up sleeping next to the freeway, begging for change, drinking and getting sick. I wasn’t eating. I really needed help. It took days of patient waiting and some soul searching before Dale got into the New Foundations Program at Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor.

As I got into the program and listened to people, read the Bible and talked to the chaplain, I started to see the bigger picture. God was at work in my life.

My concept of becoming a good Christian was pretty messed up. The chaplains here really worked a lot with me to help me understand that it doesn’t mean I’m perfect. Today, I’m going for spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection.

Today, Dale is a changed man thanks to the New Foundations Program.


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