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Union Gospel Mission Testimonies


BillBill came from a good family and had done everything right. He had worked all his life, married and raised a family of his own. Yet, after thirty years of marriage his wife divorced him. After this, he found there were three qualified people for each position in his chosen field of traveling X-ray Technician. Because of that, it became harder for Bill to find work, and his last job was in 2009. This caused him to begin using his retirement to live on.

Also during this time Bill’s father passed away (who he was very close to), his sisters committed suicide, and Bill injured his back. He was also running out of money. It seemed everything was against him. He then had to give up his apartment and go between staying in a motel and living on the street. This all became very hard on Bill and it took its toll on him emotionally.

He decided to use his last twenty-nine dollars and go to Ocean Shores. While on the bus he heard some people talking about the Union Gospel Mission and how you could get a bed and meals at no charge. As the bus came into Aberdeen he saw the Mission sign and decided to see what it was about.

Bill checked in on May 8th and has found that he is comfortable here. The pressures of life have been removed as he has a bed, food and friendly people to help him. Bill says since he is no longer just trying to survive things are beginning to come together for him. He will soon be receiving social security benefits, which will enable him to get housing and other help he has needed. Bill would like to thank those who support the Mission and have given him the chance to find his way again.









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