Welcome to . . .

Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor

Welcome to . . .

Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor

A Message from Charley Capoeman

Thank you for loving your neighbors as yourself.

We all need a helping hand from time to time. No one makes it through life without a little care and compassion along the way. That’s what loving your neighbor is all about – and why I’m honored to be writing to you as the new Executive Director of Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor.

After 15 years on the Mission’s Board of Directors, I’m grateful for the opportunity to carry on the life-transforming work of those who have served before me, sharing God’s love and leading our homeless and hurting neighbors to seek His salvation.

The Lord makes our outreach possible through friends like you – who follow His command to love your neighbor as yourself. Together, we can continue to disciple men and women through our one-year New Foundation Program . . . provide a safe and healing environment for women and children in our Friendship House . . . and offer more ways for neighbors of all ages to worship, praise and begin to walk with the Lord.

As the summer months approach, I’m especially concerned for the homeless men, women and children of Grays Harbor, as the weather can be dangerous for those who live outside. I hope we can count on you during our 3-month Love Your Neighbor campaign.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated, and so are your prayers. Please pray for God’s guidance as I embrace this new role, for the Missions’ leadership team, staff and volunteers, and especially for the souls we serve.

Thank you for offering a helping hand to your neighbors most in need – and for continuing to love them as yourself.

Joseph “Charley” Capoeman
Executive Director

405 E Heron, Aberdeen, WA

Monday thru Friday:
-Breakfast: 7am
-Lunch: Noon
-Dinner: 7pm
-Dayroom is open to sit and rest from 7am to 7pm

-Brunch: 10:30am
-Dinner: 5pm
-Dayroom is open to sit and rest from 10:30am to 5pm

-Breakfast: 7:30am
-Dinner: 4pm


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“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another” (John 13:34).

VISION . . .

The vision of the Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor (UGM) is to see Graduates that are self-supporting members of the community; the community viewing UGM as part of the solution to the problem, and greater understanding that Christ is the source of life transformation.


The mission of the Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor (UGM) is to provide effective programs that deal with the cause and aid in the prevention of homelessness, to tell the story of UGM clearly so that the community is engaged; and to offer life transformation through Christ to all.


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