Welcome to . . .

Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor

Welcome to . . .

Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor

Daniel was only 3 when he and his sister were abandoned by their parents – left alone in their house before a neighbor found them a week later.

Although Daniel was adopted by a Christian family who provided more stability, problems lurked behind closed doors. “The turmoil and abuse changed my outlook on life,” he shares.

During a few rare, happy moments, teenaged Daniel and his adoptive father bonded by playing games and drinking beer together. When Daniel reached his early 20s, his dad suddenly passed away. “After he died, I remember searching for those good feelings again. I started drinking with my friends, and my addiction spun out of control.”

To escape this pain and try to fit in, he even turned to drugs. Untethered and directionless, he couch-hopped, slept on the streets and even spent time in jail. “I was exhausted – I couldn’t figure out my place in the world. My spiritual spark was dwindling,” he recalls. Thankfully, he found the Mission.

Upon his arrival, Daniel experienced warmth and acceptance. He began to sense a flicker of hope. “I never expected to be welcomed with such kindness!”

Through hard work in our New Foundation Program, Daniel became sober. He learned the value of prayer and how to allow the Christian community he found here help guide him through any challenge.

Around the Mission, Daniel pitches in whenever he can. “To smile at others, to share in my strengths – it’s awesome!”

Daniel aspires to work with youth in addiction prevention. “I’d like to help them stop the problem before it even starts,” he explains. “Serving in that way would be such a blessing!”

Thank you for sharing God’s love with Daniel this Easter. His life has been renewed through the joy and hope of the Gospel! “I’m grateful for this support system – people I can turn to, look up to and who’ll help me stay pointed in the right direction.”


Have you ever seen the realization cross someone’s face the first time they understand the gravity of Christ’s death and resurrection? It’s one of my favorite things about Easter at Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor. It’s a privilege to be a small part of their story, as our gurests celebrate the promises of joy and hope this season brings.

You too are a part of our guests’ stories, as you share God’s love with them by providing nutritious meals, safe shelter and other services to change their lives.

Your faithful prayers and generosity help hurting men, women and children in our community find a home through our doors. They also find HOPE – hope for their future, and hope in the promises we celebrate at Easter.

Thank you for showing our hurting neighbors in neeed that you care about them – in their present cirucmstances, for their future and for eternity. You show them they are loved. You help restore their dignity, and ignite in them a desire to change their circumstances.

Together with God’s faithfulness, you help turn stories of pain into promises of new life in Christ.

Thank you . . . Happy Easter . . . and God bless!


Charley Capoeman
Executive Director

405 E Heron, Aberdeen, WA

Monday thru Friday:
-Breakfast: 7am
-Lunch: Noon
-Dinner: 7pm
-Dayroom is open to sit and rest from 7am to 7pm

-Brunch: 10:30am
-Dinner: 5pm
-Dayroom is open to sit and rest from 10:30am to 5pm

-Breakfast: 7:30am
-Dinner: 4pm


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“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another” (John 13:34).

VISION . . .

The vision of the Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor (UGM) is to see Graduates that are self-supporting members of the community; the community viewing UGM as part of the solution to the problem, and greater understanding that Christ is the source of life transformation.


The mission of the Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor (UGM) is to provide effective programs that deal with the cause and aid in the prevention of homelessness, to tell the story of UGM clearly so that the community is engaged; and to offer life transformation through Christ to all.


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